Local Gatherings is an event design collaboration specialising in intimate gatherings of any size. Our vision is to bring together our passion for family and food and the act of sharing, which we consider the most essential of all human connections.

With a focus on community, Local aim to combine simple elements to create events which are reminiscent of the family dinner. Through careful planning, Local consider your individuality to structure your event from an initial idea through to making it come together on the day.

As a team Stephanie and Sarah have used their strong sense of balance to collaborate and together, align their foundations on a basis of pure aesthetic and simplicity. Local is a home for Stephanie and Sarah's common sensibilities and groundings.

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Stephanie Stamatis is the face behind Stephanie Somebody, a stylist and creative director as well as one half of events management and design team Local Gatherings.

Beginning her design journey as an interior designer, Stephanie has moved into the world of freelancing to better focus on a more a personal search for beauty. Drawing inspiration from nostalgia and in the search for perfect imperfection, Stephanie lends her signature aesthetic to a variety of editorial and advertising clients. 



See Stephanie's personal work at www.stephaniesomebody.com







Is the founder of The Brainery Store, a simple concept about ideas and people. Launched in 2013, the events have moved from Geelong to Kyneton. The Brainery Store partnered with Dumbo Feather to hold a Backyard Party in Geelong and hosted a seasonal Kinfolk gathering with Stephanie Somebody in Melbourne.

Trained as a contemporary dancer, Sarah has spent time abroad on practice and research internships in both New York and India..


Learn more about The Brainery Store at www.thebrainerystore.com